what to put in a coffee gift basket

what to put in a coffee gift basket

Gift Basket for Coffee Lovers

Do you know someone who loves their coffee? You don’t need to search any further for the perfect gift, because we have everything you need to create a coffee gift basket they’ll love! Here’s our list of essential items:


  • Coffee: A selection of different coffees, such caffeine-packed espresso and flavoured coffees like hazelnut, caramel, or vanilla.
  • Accompaniments: Items like French vanilla creamer, sugar, cocoa, chai mix and other add-ins like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground cardamom.
  • Tools: For convenience, include an electric kettle, frother, and hand grinder for freshly ground beans.
  • Freebies: Include a free travel mug, new coffee-scented candle, or header for the coffee-drinker.

Once you’ve gathered the items you need, you can put them together in a decorative box, basket or mug. Wrap each item separately in tissue paper for a colourful display. Add a bow or ribbon for a nice finishing touch. And don’t forget to include a special card with your gift, letting your lucky recipient know how much you love them!

With this recipe, you’ll have everything you need to assemble the perfect coffee-lover’s gift basket. Enjoy and happy gifting!





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