what size coffee table for l shaped sectional


What Size Coffee Table for L-Shaped Sectional

Finding the right size coffee table for an L-shaped sectional sofa can be tricky due to the curved nature of the sectional. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right table to compliment your sofa and bring the whole look of the living room together.

Measurements and Dimensions

When choosing the size of the coffee table, the first thing to consider is the measurements of the sofa. Measure the L-shaped sectional couch from end to end to get the total length. Now divide that length into three equal parts. This will give you three points to focus on for designing your coffee table.


The easiest way to ensure the coffee table works well with the L-shaped couch is to have it follow the same lines. Try to find a coffee table that is also L-shaped. This will balance out the look of the room and make the lines of the couch “echo” in the design of the coffee table.


There are several different styles of L-shaped coffee tables to choose from. Consider the additional furniture pieces in the room and the decor of the room before you purchase a coffee table. Some of the most popular coffee tables for L-shaped sectional sofas include:

    • Round – This option will make a great center piece in the middle of your sectional.


    • Oval – This option is perfect for modern styled homes due to its sleek lines.


    • Rectangular – This option offers a clean linear appearance that fits well with the contoured lines of an L-shaped sectional.



Choosing a coffee table for an L-shaped sectional sofa can be a challenge. However, by taking measurements, considering shapes and selecting the right style of coffee table, you can find the perfect look that fits your unique sectional.





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