what is acidity in coffee

what is acidity in coffee

What is Acidity in Coffee

Coffee acidity is a desirable flavor profile in a cup of coffee. The level of acidity in coffee can affect the brightness, sweetness, and body of the coffee. Acidity can also help to draw out the coffee’s subtle notes and contrasts with bitterness.

How Coffee is Made

Coffee is made by adding hot water to ground coffee beans. The brewing method as well as the type of beans will influence the level of acidity in the coffee. As the hot water passes through the ground coffee, the acidity is revealed through natural flavors of the beans.

Types of Acidity

There are two types of acidity in coffee: volatile acidity and non-volatile acidity. Volatile acidity is a byproduct of the brewing process and is usually caused by natural abnormalities in the beans. Non-volatile acidity is produced by the oils in the beans and is considered to be a desirable component of coffee.

What is Desirable Acidity?

Desirable acidity in coffee is complex and nuanced. It should be balanced with other components such as sweetness, body, and bitterness. Low levels of acidity can produce a mellow cup of coffee, while higher levels of acidity can add brightness and complexity to the cup.

What Affects Acidity?

There are several factors that will affect the level of acidity in a cup of coffee, such as roast level, brewing method, and the variety of beans used. Lighter roasts tend to have higher levels of acidity than darker roasts. Different brewing methods will also have an impact on acidity, such as drip, pour-over, and espresso. Finally, different varietals of coffee beans will have varying levels of natural acidity.

Why is Acidity Important?

Acidity is paramount when it comes to buying, brewing, and tasting coffee. It is the cornerstone of a cup of coffee’s flavor and one of the main drivers of a bean’s quality and character. Acidity can make or break a cup of coffee and understanding it can help you create an even better cup.


Understanding acidity in coffee allows you to have more control over your cup of coffee and create a great tasting cup. Acidity is a key component of drinkability and should be balanced with sweetness, bitterness, and body for optimal flavor.





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