what houseplants like coffee grounds

what houseplants like coffee grounds

What Houseplants Like Coffee Grounds?

Coffee grounds are a great way to give your houseplants an extra boost of nutrients. Not only do they provide nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, but they also help aerate the soil and decrease the acidity level. Here are some of the houseplants that benefit from coffee grounds:


Ferns tend to love acidic soil and adding coffee grounds can help reduce the pH level. Spread a light layer of coffee grounds over the top of the soil and the fern will love it!


Orchids often have their own special needs when it comes to soil. Adding coffee grounds will help create an environment that is acidic and also has proper drainage.

Peace Lilies

Peace lilies like their soil to be acidic as well, so adding coffee grounds can help achieve that. Be careful not to use too much though, as it can be difficult to reverse the process if you overdo it.


Succulents don’t usually need much in the way of nutrients, but adding coffee grounds can give them an extra boost. The grounds also help improve drainage, which is important for succulents.

Spider Plants

Spider plants can thrive in soils that are slightly acidic and adding coffee grounds can help create that balance. Sprinkle the grounds over the soil and you’ll soon see the spider plant begin to flourish.

To get the most out of your coffee grounds, mix them with other organic material to create a homemade compost. This will provide a great boost to any houseplant while also helping to keep the soil healthy and well-nourished.

Remember: not all houseplants benefit from coffee grounds. Be sure to do your research before adding any new materials to your plants’ soil.





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