what coffee do i like

what coffee do i like

Reasons why I Love Coffee

Coffee is an addiction of mine, and while I can never give it up, I do have certain preferences on what kind of coffee I’m drinking. Here are three of my favorite types of coffee.


Espresso is definitely my favorite type of coffee. It has the strongest flavor and is typically served in small amounts for a jolt of energy. It can also be used in various types of coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

  • It’s a strong, concentrated form of coffee
  • It’s the base for many popular coffee drinks
  • Tastes great straight up

Cold Brew

Although cold brew is a more recent addition to my coffee rotation, it has quickly become my go-to summer drink. Cold brew is brewed similarly to iced coffee but over a longer time and with more grounds. The result is a super smooth, almost sweet cup of coffee.

  • Brewed over a long period of time
  • Super smooth, almost sweet taste
  • Great way to beat the summer heat!

Organic Coffee

Lastly, I love organic coffee. It’s become much more accessible over the years due to its rise in popularity. Organic coffees are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful substances, making it a healthier choice than conventional coffees.

  • No pesticides, herbicides, or other harmful substances
  • Suitable for those with sensitivity towards pesticides
  • Smooth, richer taste

Coffee can be a delicious way to start your morning, or to break up your day with a pick-me-up. There’s no mistaking the diversity of flavors and options that are out there. Whether you’re looking for something bold and strong like espresso, something smoother like cold brew, or something with a conscience like organic coffee, there’s something perfect waiting for you.





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