what can you make in a keurig besides coffee

what can you make in a keurig besides coffee

What to Make with a Keurig (Besides Coffee)

A Keurig is an amazing machine, and although it is best known for making coffee, it can also help you make more than just your morning cup. Here are a few recipes you can make with your Keurig:

Hot Chocolate

  • Ingredients: Keurig-compatible coffee pod filled with hot chocolate mix, a mug, and
    milk or cream (optional)
  • Instructions:
    • Place a Keurig compatible coffee pod filled with hot chocolate mix into the Keurig.
    • Place a mug on the tray and select the “hot chocolate” setting or the cup size that works best for your mug.
    • When done, the mug should be filled with hot chocolate.
    • Add some milk or cream if desired.


  • Ingredients: A variety of tea types, and a mug
  • Instructions:
    • Fill your Keurig-compatible Kcup part way with your desired tea type.
    • Place the Kcup in the Keurig, and select the cup size that matches your mug.
    • Your mug will be filled with hot tea.

Cold Beverage

  • Ingredients: Ice, Keurig-compatible Kcup coffee pod (filled with cold brew coffee or tea), and a cup
  • Instructions:
    • Fill a cup with ice.
    • Place a Keurig-compatible Kcup coffee pod filled with cold brew coffee or tea into the Keurig.
    • Select the “Cold Brew” setting and the cup size that best fits your cup with the ice.
    • When done, your cup should be filled with ice and the cold brewed beverage

So the next time you want to enjoy something besides coffee with your Keurig, try one of these creative recipes. Enjoy!





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