is light roast coffee less acidic

is light roast coffee less acidic

Is Light Roast Coffee Less Acidic?

Many coffee drinkers have noticed that light roast coffee tastes milder than dark roast blends. As coffee drinkers, you might have wondered if light roast coffee is less acidic than dark roast coffee.

An Overview of Acidity in Coffee

When it comes to coffee, acidity is not a bad thing. Acidity creates a bright and fruity flavor that creates a pleasant experience for coffee drinkers. In other words, acidity adds complexity and brightness to the overall flavor of coffee.

When we talk about coffee acidity, it does not refer to the pH of the coffee. Instead, we are referring to the amount of certain acids found in the coffee bean.

Does Roast Affect the Acidity Levels?

It is widely believed that darker roast coffees have a lower acidity than their light roast counterparts. This is because darker roast coffees have less caffeine, and caffeine is known to increase the acidity of coffee.

Some studies suggest that dark roast coffee has a higher pH level than light roast coffee due to the increased solubility of compounds such as caffeine. However, there is no scientific evidence to back up this claim.


Ultimately, you cannot assume that light roast coffee is less acidic than dark roast coffee. Both have different levels of acidity, which largely depends on the beans and the brewing process. However, one thing is certain: light roast coffee has a milder flavor and aroma than dark roast.

If you’re looking for a less acidic coffee experience, consider using a light roasted bean. Here are a few tips to get the best results:

  • Grind coarsely: A coarser grind will reduce the surface area of the beans, which helps to reduce bitterness.
  • Extract slowly: Brewing your coffee with a slower extraction rate can help to reduce the acidity of your brew.
  • Try cold brew: Cold brew coffee is less acidic due to the low temperature of the brewing process.

In all, light roast coffee is not necessarily less acidic than dark roast. But if you’re looking for a milder cup of coffee with less bite, light roast beans are a great choice.





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