is it ok to drink expired coffee

is it ok to drink expired coffee

Is it Okay to Drink Expired Coffee?

You may not think twice about the use-by date on food products, but did you know that coffee actually can expire? So, what happens when you find an old can of coffee in your cupboard? Is it okay to still drink it? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t a straightforward one.

How Coffee Changes Over Time

Coffee actually doesn’t ever go ‘bad’ – but it does change. Coffee begins to lose its flavor and aroma over time, usually within a few weeks of opening the package. This happens because the oils in the coffee beans evaporate, causing the flavor and aroma to dissipate, so that you’re left with a much less enjoyable cup of joe.

What About Drinking Expired Coffee?

Once it passes the expiration date, it likely won’t be bad or harmful to drink. You may not get the same flavor or experience, but it won’t make you sick or give you food poisoning. Here are some things to consider when you’re drinking expired coffee:

  • The Taste: Coffee’s flavor will become increasingly less enjoyable the longer it’s been sitting around.
  • The Strength: If you find that the flavor of your coffee has diminished, you may need to use more coffee grounds than usual to get the same strength.
  • The Age: If your coffee has been sitting around for quite a while, it’s probably best to just throw it out and buy some fresh beans.

Should I Drink Expired Coffee?

Ultimately, this decision is up to you. While you won’t get sick from drinking coffee after its expiration date, it won’t taste or smell as fresh or flavorful. If you’re trying to get that perfect morning cup of coffee, sticking to freshly roasted beans is your best bet.





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