how to decorate a glass coffee table

how to decorate a glass coffee table

How to Decorate a Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables are an incredibly versatile piece for any room in your house. They work both as a practical table to use when entertaining, as well as a beautiful decorative piece. Here’re some ideas for ways you can make your glass coffee table look spectacular:

Pile On the Books

Books, magazines and other literature are a classic choice for decorating with. Choose some interesting books that match the vibe of the space, and arrange them in an attractive display. Adding some plants or other accessories to the stack will add color and texture to the look.

Stack Items of Different Heights

Varying heights can add visual interest on the coffee table. Try adding a few larger items around the bottom, like a low bowl or platter, a sculpture or a stack of books. Place smaller objects, like a vase or candle, up high on the glass.

Mix Your Materials

Mix up your materials to create a beautiful and interesting look. Glass items work well with a glass coffee table and offer a modern vibe. You can also opt for glossy pieces that play with light, or natural materials like wood, stone or bamboo for a more organic look.

Play With Color and Prints

Choose a few accent pieces in bright colors or interesting prints to bring the look together. This could be anything from a patterned tray to a stack of patterned coasters, or a bright set of candles.

Display Personal Items

Put out family photographs, framed art or other personal items to make your coffee table look more special and unique.

These are just a few tips for how to decorate a glass coffee table. With some creativity and experimentation, you can create a beautiful look that perfectly complements your space. Get creative, and enjoy!





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