how much coffee in a kcup

how much coffee in a kcup

How Much Coffee Is In a Kcup

With the advent of Kcup coffee makers, there has been some confusion as to how much coffee is actually in one of the single cup containers. To help put those questions to rest, here is a rundown of the amount of coffee found in each single-cup container.

The Amount

Kcups contain between 8 and 12 grams of ground coffee, and that corresponds to between 0.28 and 0.42 ounces of coffee. This small portion of ground coffee is sealed in an airtight plastic container that is designed to fit into specially designed single-cup coffee makers.


When placed into the brewing machine and the water is poured in, the heat, pressure and water all combine to infuse all of the flavor from the Kcup, producing a full-flavored cup of coffee. The Kcup acts as a filter, allowing only the flavor and not the grounds to pass through into the cup.

Brewing Time

Most Kcup machines take only one minute to make a single cup of coffee. This makes it ideal for those who want a quick and easy cup of coffee whenever they need one.

Flavor Options

Kcup coffee makers come in a variety of flavors, including light and dark roasts, flavored coffees, tea, cappuccino, hot cocoa and even espresso. This wide selection of flavors makes it possible for everyone to find something that will satisfy their taste.


One of the great advantages of Kcup coffee makers is their versatility. You can use them to make single cups of coffee, or you can also buy special adapters that will allow you to make a full pot of coffee. This makes them ideal for those who want the convenience of a single cup brewer with the capability to make multiple cups for their friends and family.


Kcup coffee makers are a convenient and flavorful way to make coffee. With a wide variety of flavors available and the convenience of making a single cup of coffee in just seconds, Kcup coffee makers will make sure your coffee-drinking experiences are always great.

So now that you know how much coffee is in a Kcup, you can brew the perfect cup every time!





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