do you spit or swallow grinds coffee pouches

do you spit or swallow grinds coffee pouches

The Debate On Should We Spit or Swallow Coffee Grinds Pouches?

Coffee grinds pouches are not just classic methods for preparing coffee, but also have become popular in the café industry. But it poses a question for coffee drinkers – should we spit or swallow the coffee grinds?

The biggest worry is the health implications – what are the risks and do they outweigh the benefits? Let’s take a look at why spitting or swallowing grinds coffee pouches matters.

The Pros of Swallowing Coffee Grinds

  • Gut health benefits: Coffee grinds are packed with antioxidants, which can boost our immunity and fight against harmful bacteria.
  • Improved energy levels: Studies suggest that caffeine can provide a temporary energy boost, and swallowing your grinds may make sure that you benefit from it.

The Cons of Swallowing Coffee Grinds

  • Bad breath: Coffee grinds can stick to your teeth and cause bad breath.
  • Increased risk of acid reflex: Drinking too much coffee or swallowing coffee grinds may increase the likelihood of acid reflux.


So, do we spit or swallow grinds coffee pouches? The answer is a personal choice since both options have health risks and benefits. It may be worth talking to your doctor if you are concerned about how often you consume coffee grinds.





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