can you have coffee before surgery

can you have coffee before surgery

Can You Have Coffee Before Surgery?

The thought of surgery can be stressful, and you may find yourself wondering if you can have a cup of coffee in the hours leading up to the surgery. One way to minimize pre-operative anxiety is to know ahead of time what you should expect and prepare for on the day of your surgery.

The Benefits of Caffeine

Caffeine can help many people feel more alert, and it can improve overall mood. Many people have a cup of coffee with breakfast as part of their daily routine, and it can be difficult to adjust to no longer having caffeine before surgery. Some research suggests that caffeine can help lessen dizziness during and after surgery, as well as reduce postoperative nausea.

Safety Precautions

It’s important to remember that caffeine can dehydrate you. Drinking too much coffee before surgery may result in feeling overly dehydrated from the diuretic effect and can adversely affect your surgery. It is best to discuss caffeine consumption with your surgeon at least a few days prior to the scheduled procedure.

Preparing for Surgery

Here are some other things to consider as preparation for your surgery:

  • Drink plenty of fluids. You should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day before and after your surgery.
  • Eliminate other substances. Don’t drink alcohol or smoke 24 hours before and after your surgery.
  • Eat lightly. Try to limit your intake of food and limit your consumption of dairy and hard-to-digest fats before surgery.

Overall, it is best to consult your surgeon and follow their advice regarding coffee consumption before surgery. Your surgeon will be able to give you the safest advice depending on the type of anesthesia you will be using, as well as other medications you may be taking.





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