can i drink coffee with rybelsus

can i drink coffee with rybelsus

Can I drink Coffee with Rybelsus?

Coffee is a favorite beverage of many people and the addition of a diabetes medicine called Rybelsus can be a good way to enjoy a cup of coffee while controlling your blood sugar levels. But can you safely drink coffee with Rybelsus?

The Pros and Cons


  • Rybelsus can help control diabetes
  • Rybelsus can be taken with or without food
  • Rybelsus can be taken with coffee


  • Rybelsus may cause low blood sugar
  • Rybelsus and caffeine may cause dizziness or irregular heartbeat
  • Rybelsus may not be safe for people with certain medical conditions

The Bottom Line

Overall, drinking coffee with Rybelsus is generally considered safe for most people with diabetes. However, it is important to talk to your doctor before taking Rybelsus or before drinking any caffeinated drinks. Your doctor can help you decide whether Rybelsus is an appropriate choice for your diabetes management and whether it is safe for you to drink coffee with Rybelsus.





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