are coffee refills free at panera

are coffee refills free at panera

Are Coffee Refills Free at Panera?

Coffee refills are an essential part of any coffee-lover’s morning routine. When visiting Panera cafes, one of the most common questions is whether or not coffee refills are free.

What Does Panera Offer?

At Panera, customers can choose from a variety of hot and cold beverages. Hot drinks include coffee, tea and hot cocoa. They also offer cold drinks such as iced coffee, smoothies, lemonades and more.

Are Coffee Refills Free at Panera?

Yes, at Panera, coffee refills for hot drinks are free. This includes coffee, tea, and hot cocoas. When purchasing your initial drink, simply ask for the “Refill Cup” and you can get unlimited free refills during your visit.

What Else is Free?

In addition to coffee refills, Panera also offers other similar perks. Customers can enjoy free:

  • Refills on all types of hot and cold beverages, excluding smoothies and bottled drinks.
  • Wi-Fi with access to coupons, loyalty points and surveys.
  • Bagels with any purchase.

The Bottom Line

At Panera, customers can enjoy free coffee refills as well as other perks. So the next time you visit Panera, don’t forget your Refill Cup and be sure to take advantage of their great offers.





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