a coffee table book about coffee tables

a coffee table book about coffee tables

Coffee Tables: A Visual Guide

Are you looking for a guidebook to help you decide which coffee table is right for your home? Look no further than Coffee Tables: A Visual Guide. This book is the perfect companion for anyone interested in finding the perfect coffee table for their space. Not only does it provide an amazing visual experience through hundreds of images, it also provides helpful tips for making sure the table you buy works in style and size.

The Perfect Fit

The first step to finding the perfect coffee table is considering what you want it to be used for. Whether you are looking for something to put your morning cup of coffee on, or you want to focus on style, this book can help you decide. It outlines a few primary things to consider:

  • Size & Shape: Consider the size and shape of your room when selecting the right shape and size coffee table.
  • Style and Color: Be sure to pick a style and color that will complement the existing furniture in the space.
  • Material: Think about the material of the coffee table. Different materials have different qualities that you should be aware of before making your purchase.

Design Inspiration

Coffee Tables: A Visual Guide provides an incredible array of images to help you visualize how the coffee table of your dreams should look when placed in your space. Whether you prefer modern, rustic, or something totally unique, the possibilities are endless! For those looking for an extra dose of inspiration it also provides colorful photography depicting coffee tables in different settings.

Overall, Coffee Tables: A Visual Guide is perfect for anyone looking to buy the perfect coffee table for their home. Whether you’re looking for sizing advice, or just design inspiration, this book will help you to create the look and feel you desire. Grab your copy today!





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