how to use cuisinart coffee maker 12 cup

how to use cuisinart coffee maker 12 cup

Knowing How to use your Cuisinart Coffee Maker 12-Cup

Preparing delicious coffee is easy with the 12-cup Cuisinart coffee maker. While this small machine packs in quite a few features, it is surprisingly easy to use. With just a few steps, you can make coffee that tastes like it came from a coffee shop.

Steps to Use Cuisinart Coffee Maker 12-Cup

  1. Fill the Reservoir – Open the lid of the water reservoir and add cold water. The maximum water fill line is just above 12-cups, so you will have to fill it a bit more than that.
  2. Add Coffee Grounds – Take out the coffee filter holder and fill it with up to 12 tablespoons of coffee grounds. Put back the holder in its place and close the lid of the water reservoir.
  3. Choose your Required Brewing Cycle – After turning on the machine, use the control panel to select your desired brewing cycle. You can choose from Regular or Bold.
  4. Automatic Features – The Auto On and Auto Off features allow you to specify the time when you would like your coffee to be brewed and will shut off the machine afterwards.
  5. Self-Cleaning – This coffee maker is self-cleaning, so all you have to do is to press the Clean button and a cycle will begin to clean the machine.


  • Always use cold water only while filling the water reservoir.
  • Do not use too much coffee grounds or it may give a bitter taste.
  • Do not adjust the controls while the coffee is being brewed.
  • Thoroughly clean the machine at least once a month to ensure proper functioning.

With a Cuisinart coffee maker 12-cup, you can now enjoy your favorite coffee in the comfort of your home. Follow the above steps and keep in mind the tips to ensure that you get the best out of your coffee maker.





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