how to use coffee maker hamilton beach

how to use coffee maker hamilton beach

How to Use a Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or just need a quick and easy way to get your morning cup of joe, using a Hamilton Beach coffee maker will help you make the perfect cup of coffee in no time.

Preparing the Coffee Maker

Before you start to make your coffee, here are some important steps to follow to prepare the coffee maker and ensure that you get the best cup of coffee possible.

  • Clean the coffee maker with paper towels or a damp cloth before and after each use.
  • Check the water reservoir and fill it with cold water to the maximum fill line indicated on the reservoir.
  • Hook up the power cord to a grounded power outlet and make sure the unit is turned off.
  • Add your favorite coffee grounds to the filter.
  • Securely place the filter basket in the filter holder.

Operating the Coffee Maker

Once your coffee maker is prepared for use, you can start to make your desired beverage.

  • Select the desired amount of coffee you’d like to make.
  • Turn the machine on by pressing the power button and selecting your desired brewing strength.
  • Mix in the desired amount of ground coffee and put the filter basket into the filter holder.
  • Adjust the timer on the front of the machine to your desired time. The machine will automatically begin brewing when it’s finished.
  • Remove the filter basket when the brewing cycle is finished.
  • Enjoy your coffee!
    • By following these simple steps, you can easily enjoy the perfect cup of coffee with a Hamilton Beach coffee maker.





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