how to set braun coffee maker

how to set braun coffee maker

Making Coffee with a Braun Coffee Maker

Brewing coffee with your Braun coffee maker is simple and convenient, so why not start making your own coffee at home? To get you started, here are few easy steps to help make delicious coffee with your Braun Coffee Maker.

Step One: Choose Your Coffee

Choose a ground coffee that you enjoy. Your favorite blend from the café is likely a great start. Make sure you have enough for your cup plus a scoop.

Step Two: Add the Coffee to the Carafe

Add the scoop of ground coffee into the filter of the carafe. Most carafes have a basket holding the filter and a lid to keep the coffee grounds in. Close the lid securely and make sure there is no mess.

Step Three: Pour the Water

Fill the carafe with cold water until the desired amount of coffee has been programmed. Make sure to close the lid on the carafe before placing the carafe on your Braun coffee maker.

Step Four: Program the Setting

Press the “Program” button on your Braun coffee maker. The number of cups of coffee can be set with the “+” or “-” button, depending on the quantity you desire to make.

Step Five: Brewing!

Press the “Start” button, and the Braun coffee maker will start brewing your delicious cup(s) of coffee. Keep an eye on the time if you have a long brew cycle. Enjoy your freshly brewed cup of coffee when ready!

Step Six: Cleaning

Once you have finished your coffee, unplug the Braun coffee maker and let it cool down. Clean up the carafe and filter, and store them away for the next use.

Follow these steps, and you will be making delicious coffee with your Braun coffee maker in no time!





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