how to publish a photography coffee table book

how to publish a photography coffee table book

How To Publish A Photography Coffee Table Book

Step 1: Select Your Images

The first step to publishing your coffee table book is to select your images. This can be the most difficult task, so try to make sure you are happy with your final selections. When considering which images to include, think about how they fit together and create a cohesive story. Also make sure you select the images which you feel will best represent the story.

Step 2: Create A Layout

Once you have selected all the images you want to include you can start to create the layout for your book. This should be done according to how you want the book to look and how you want people to feel when viewing it. The layout is an important part of the book so it should not be rushed, take some time to create something which conveys what you are trying to say with the book.

Step 3: Maximize Quality Of Your Images

Now that you have all the images and the layout in place, you need to start thinking about ways to maximize the quality of the images. This could either be done through editing the images or using the highest quality printing methods available. You want the finished book to have the best quality, so make sure you do not skimp on this part of the process.

Step 4: Choose A Printer and Delivery Time

The next step is to choose a printer and a delivery time. Make sure to research the different printing options available to best meet your requirements. You need to consider the cost of printing, the delivery time and the quality of the printing. Once you have decided on your printer and delivery time you are now ready to start the printing process.

Step 5: Promote and Sell Your Book

Finally, you need to start to promote and sell your book. The best way to do this is by creating a website or blog to showcase your book and promote it to potential customers. Social media also provides a great way to reach a wider audience. Utilize different marketing channels to make sure as many people as possible know about your book.


Publishing your photography coffee table book can be a very rewarding experience, from selecting the images, creating the layout and choosing a printer, all the way to marketing and selling the book. As long as you follow these steps, you should be able to create a beautiful and successful book.





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