how many grams of coffee for french press

how many grams of coffee for french press

How much Coffee for French Press

Brewing with a French press is one of the most popular methods of making coffee at home. French press coffee allows you extract more of the essential oils from the coffee beans to give a more intense flavour of the beans. So, do you know how much coffee to use when making French press coffee? Let’s find out.

Types of Coffee

Coffee beans come in a variety of tastes and strengths, so your grind size will vary depending on the roast and blend you’re using. Generally, a coarser grind should be used for a French press because the finer grinds can pass through the filter, allowing for a lot of sediment in your cup.

How much Coffee

When it comes to the amount of ground coffee you use, the strength of the brew and the size of your French press are the two main factors that should determine this.

These are the average measurements for the amount of coffee you should use in a French press:

  • For a 2-cup French press: 6 tablespoons (12g-14g) of ground coffee
  • For a 4-cup French press: 10 tablespoons (18g-20g) of ground coffee
  • For a 8-cup French press: 16 tablespoons (30g-34g) of ground coffee
  • For a 12-cup French press: 22 tablespoons (40g-44g) of ground coffee


Using a French press is a great way to make a cup of coffee, full of flavour and aroma. However, it is important to measure the amount of coffee you are using and to adjust the grind size appropriately for the best results.

Feel free to experiment with different coffee beans and grind sizes to see what works best with your French press.





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