can you put collagen in coffee

can you put collagen in coffee

Can You Put Collagen In Coffee?

Collagen has been gaining a lot of traction lately as a health supplement, thanks to its many health benefits. Many people are adding hydrolyzed collagen into coffee in order to reap those benefits. But is this really a wise decision?

Why People Put Collagen in Their Coffee?

Collagen boasts many health benefits, from reducing wrinkles and strengthening bones, to improving gut health and aiding in muscle recovery after a workout. Adding hydrolyzed collagen to coffee has become an increasingly popular way to make sure these benefits are incorporated into the diet.

The Pros of Putting Collagen in Your Coffee

  • It’s Flavorless: Adding collagen to coffee does not change the flavor nor the texture of the beverage.
  • It’s A Convenient Source of Protein: Collagen is high in protein and adding it to a cup of coffee can provide a convenient way to get this important nutrient.
  • It’s Healthy: Collagen has a variety of benefits, including helping improve the appearance of skin and reducing joint pain.

The Cons of Putting Collagen in Your Coffee

  • It Doesn’t Dissolve Easily: Collagen can be difficult to dissolve in coffee, so it may not mix as well as other powders or liquids.
  • It’s Expensive: Hydrolyzed collagen is not cheap and can be expensive to add to your daily coffee routine.
  • It May Cause Digestive Issues: Collagen is not easily broken down in the body and can cause digestive issues if taken in large amounts.

The Bottom Line

While there are some potential health benefits of adding collagen to your morning coffee, it is important to do your research before doing so. Make sure to consult your doctor or nutritionist before taking any dietary supplement, including hydrolyzed collagen.





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